Fitogal is cosmetics line for skin care that originates from the factory DCP Hemigal from Leskovac, Serbia.

The Fitogal brand lines consists of: products for baby skin care; products for skin care for face and body line; products for hair care; products for ant cellulite care; products for depilation and body hair removal.

Fitogal starts its story in 1995 and has aspects of a modern fairytale. The story goes with the creation of the factory by its owner when he started only with two employees in a rented flat in Leskovac, Serbia. With work and dedication it developed into a factory with significant role and production.

Fitogal develops its own brands that make part of the following bland collections: “Pavlogal”; “L’OCO; “Fitogal”, “Eliot”, Abbronzare” and “Fitodepil”.

All of the products are made in their own laboratory while using sophisticated technology during the production phase. The ingredients are purchased from world known top quality companies such as: BASF, Evonik, Sabo, Schulke&Mayer, Zimmer Schwartz etc.

The high quality policy, then the policy for environmental protection and sustainability put Fitogal as a company that deserves the leader spot on the territory of the Balkans in the cosmetics industry.