Pure Life Cosmetics is a company that deals with distribution of high-quality and eminent brands from the FMCG field, decorative cosmetics and household supplies field.
Founded in 2004 with the sole purpose to bring worldwide known and high-quality established brands on the Macedonian market.
With continuous and tedious determination, ambition, willing for constant improvement and passion Pure Life cosmetics puts the customers’ satisfaction and the fulfillment of the customers’ needs on a pedestal. Pure Life cosmetics teams’ constant engagement and effort highlights innovation both on marketing sector and distribution field. With carefully crafted and developed marketing analysis Pure Life cosmetics tends to satisfy each customers’ need in order to bring quality brands that are wanted and needed. 

  • 2004Основање

    Се основа компанијата PureLife Cosmetics како Друштво со ограничена одговорност - едно лице.

  • 2005Mokate

    Стануваме официјален застапник на брендот Mokate за македонскиот пазар.

  • 2006Нов бренд

    За македонските потрошувачи го носиме италијанскиот бренд Balconi.

  • 2008Нов магацин

    Со цел зголемување на просторноста инвестиравме во нов магацин од 1.500 метри квадратни.

  • 2018Некој настан

    Опис на тој некој настан

  • 2019Некој настан

    Опис на тој некој настан

  • 2020Некој настан

    Опис на тој некој настан

Pure Life cosmetics’ vision and aim is to be constant leader on the Macedonian market in the distribution and coverage on the Macedonian market regarding top-notch quality brands that are worldwide recognized and known for its own high quality.

Pure Life cosmetics vision and aim is to be the best and as it goes with it; to represent the best. Best brands, best products and best companies with unique coverage and their placement on the territory of Macedonia.

Pure Life cosmetics mission since the very beginnings in 2004 is to bring and to provide on the Macedonian market and territory brands that were not present and that are not present. Fulfilling the gap of presence with high-quality brands on the Macedonian territory is the main mission of Pure Life cosmetics.


One of the Pure Life cosmetics values is the constant engagement in terms of environmental sustainability. Our sustainability values starts with moving forward with the implementation of the following steps such as: daily re-using used paper and paper recycling. These are our methods of honoring the nature and protecting the environment. 

The constant respecting of the rules for ethical behavior on the working place is only a small part of our crucial values.

Beside this; Pure Life cosmetics continuously and constantly follows and implements all of the trends and rules established from the European Union. As a company this is one of our main pillars on which Pure Life cosmetics strives on achieving and implementing the European values, standards and qualities.


Our brands range varies from mass-produced products and DIY-products. All of those are eco-friendly. Our decorative cosmetics brands are vegan and cruelty free. Pure Life cosmetics is the leader on the Macedonian market regarding distribution of attractive, top-notch decorative cosmetics that are CRUELTY FREE. Innovative leader in ever segment; Pure Life cosmetics has the right know-how, knowledge and experience to bring and highlight the best products and brands.

Contact us

  • ul. Vladimir Polezhanovski br. 30, Skopje, Macedonia
  • info@purelife.com.mk
  • +389 (0)2 240 0793