Our brands range varies from mass-produced products and DIY-products. All of those are eco-friendly. Our decorative cosmetics brands are vegan and cruelty free. Pure Life cosmetics is the leader on the Macedonian market regarding distribution of attractive, top-notch decorative cosmetics that are CRUELTY FREE. Innovative leader in ever segment; Pure Life cosmetics has the right know-how, knowledge and experience to bring and highlight the best products and brands.

Pure Life cosmetics story originates from our own needs, desires and passion to bring on Macedonian territory foreign brands of high-quality that were not present before. The brands that we love and cherish; the brands that we respect; shortly all of the quality brands and products that consumers would love to purchase on Macedonian territory. Pure Life cosmetics works hard and with dedication to satisfy every customers’ need while having in consideration all of the various aspects that every customer wants and desires.

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Synonym of Italian quality regarding desserts, cakes and cookies that originates from the original Italian receipts from Milano since 1953…(Read More)


The Mautner Markhof story starts in 1841 when Ignaz Mautner Ritter von Markhof with origins from Bohemia rented the St. Marx in Vienna and 11 years afterwards he bought it…(Read More)


Originates as factory for mustard production back in Munich, Germany from 1845; the owner Johannes Conrad Develey made back then a real mustard sensation… (Read More)


TABASCO® brand products are number 1 brand worldwide. The red hot sauce made in USA flavors perfectly every meal. Tabasco is made by McIlhenny Company, founded by Edmund McIlhenny in 1868 on Avery Island, Louisiana… (Read More)

Wet n Wild Beauty

Since 1979, Wet n Wild has been serving affordable, high-performance products for beauty fanatics of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life… (Read More)


Mokate is a polish company that produces coffee. Mokate is one of the rare polish companies that managed to obtain their tradition through…(Read More)


Fitogal is cosmetics line for skin care that originates from the factory DCP Hemigal from Leskovac, Serbia… (Read More)


Diplona brand lines for professional hair care are powerful products that are developed for women and men… (Read More)


The tea production needs knowledge, know-how, experience and above all patience. Tea is unique material…(Read More)


Melitta the coffee brand comes from Germany. It is a company with long tradition and history. The names came after the first… (Read More)


Lomax Company D.O.O. is established as company in 2001 as a company distributor of the products of the following multinational companies:…(Read More)


W7 is a UK brand founded on August 16, 2002 by two enthusiastic and young entrepreneurs that wanted to provide decorative cosmetics and make-up with high quality, but with reasonable prices…(Read More)