Mautner Markhof

The Mautner Markhof story starts in 1841 when Ignaz Mautner Ritter von Markhof with origins from Bohemia rented the St. Marx in Vienna and 11 years afterwards he bought it.

His ambitions and creative spirit made him famous because of his innovative ideas back then. This way he is the first one and a pioneer of this famous Austrian company. All of it made with love, clear vision and dedication.

Mautner Markhof offers high quality food condiments such as mustards (various flavors); then vinegar in many unique and innovative flavors, sauces, dressings for salads and many others.

The unique, tasty flavor that describes Mautner Markhof products beside the quality and the tradition and those characteristics of the brand and the company that make these products irresistible for the customers.