Melitta the coffee brand comes from Germany. It is a company with long tradition and history. The names came after the first woman who invented the filter for the coffee and then by her self she starts the company Melitta. Coffee and coffee beans are not the only product that is produced by Melitta. The company offers huge variety of products such as: filters, coffee machines, coffee gadgets, cups and glasses. As years go by the assortment becomes bigger and more significant. Nowadays Melitta is an international well-known, established and well-recognized company on a global level. Melitta is constantly a synonym of international quality.

Under Melitta brand we have everything that associates and connects the term coffee. Synonym of a quality cup of coffee; filter coffee; coffee; coffee beans; instant coffees; coffee capsules; filter bags; simple and plain filters; filter coffee machines; coffee machines and many other coffee products that make valuable your coffee experience.

All of this covers the territory of more than 40 countries worldwide. Melitta as company values the quality and puts it always on the first place of its priorities.

The first owner who established the company; her name was Melitta Bentz serves as a role model and example for all of the Melitta employees. This deserves respect for their company values and tradition.

Melitta is a company characterized with originality, entrepreneurial spirit and passion that moves only forward. The high quality of all of the products – from bean of coffee to an entire coffee machine – is the main characteristic that makes Melitta original and valuable.

During the past 100 years Melitta managed to revolutionize the coffee making process several times during the history. That tradition and innovation put together make Melitta one of the greatest coffee producers companies in the world.