Mokate is a polish company that produces coffee. Mokate is one of the rare polish companies that managed to obtain their tradition through the years and to achieve the status of multigenerational company with great tradition. The beginnings date since 1900.

Currently Mokate has couple of companies that are based in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Great Britain, South African Republic and in Dubai. From these countries the distribute the Mokate coffee worldwide.

The rest of Mokate’s famous brand lines are: LOYD, Mokate, Minutka, Marilla, Marizzi, Alpino and Granny Jagoda.

Mokate coffee is one of the most original and interesting coffees on the market. The various ranges of flavors and coffees are making the palette of products perfect for any customer. The series with various flavors such as coffee-latte, cappuccinos and other various instant coffees coming from French

macaroons flavor; then American brownies flavor; Italian truffles and many others are those unique traits and flavors that are conquering the hearts of the customers and coffee lovers all over the world.