The tea production needs knowledge, know-how, experience and above all patience. Tea is unique material and there are thousands of tea typer and the taste of every tea depends on the season when it is harvested and collected; then from the way how the tea leaves are elaborated. All of that had huge impact on the final product, the taste; flavor and the intensity of the tea.

The LOYD tea brand is based on long years tradition and business experience; passion and collaboration with the legendary tea production factory from London Thompson Lloyd&Eward, present on the market since 1760.

LOYD aims to create in a continuous way various; unique and different types of tea with high quality. The LOYD’s portfolio extends on black, green, white teas; then various plants such as the exotic ones: roibois and yerba matte (based on the last ones they create the functional tea mixes). The great tea compositions with original flavors come from natural materials with highest quality. The high quality of all of the LOYD teas is also guaranteed with the use of high quality machines, strict criteria of the tea selection; the collection; transport; till the very end the elaboration in the factory. Currently the LOYD tea brands line has teas that come with flavors of: cranberry; blueberry; blackberry; raspberry and ginger. In order to highlight the exotic flavor there is the addition of Yerba Matte for every curious customer who wants to experiments with his/her cup of tea.

For the most curious ones LOYD involves teas with the presence of the Paraguay holly plant. Excellent, fresh, refreshing and with fruity flavors are available even with flavors of aloe vera; pomegranate; fig; grapefruit; mint; lemongrass and tangerine. LOYD teas are packed in small pyramidal bags that offer continuously circular movement of the water; that way obtaining rich tea flavors that lasts longer. That provides instant melting of the tea ingredients in the water and better absorption. LOYD is an innovative brand, values quality and puts it on the first place; offers excellent range of teas; all of this make LOYD one of the most wanted and preferred tea brands by the customers.